PRPIL makes more sense than Grad School for Steven Marks

Posted by Mat Kirby

"What you get for your money with Class Measures is worth way more than anything you could get at grad school." 

There’s not a straight line to Initial Licensure for teachers. Requirements to licensure can be difficult and time consuming to navigate which is why lots of teachers default to the “grad school route”. Yet for many, taking time out of teaching to go to grad school is simply not an option. This was the case for Steven Marks, now an Athletic Director at a large public school.

At the time of Initial Licensure, Steven was a Director of Athletics & Physical Education at a private school. Busy directing a program in a large and thriving department, Steven wanted to make the move into public education and came across PRPIL and Class Measures whilst researching ways to get certified.

“PRPIL looked like a great alternative to going back to grad school and made sense in terms of my time, energy and money. At the time when I enrolled, I was directing an athletics program and the demands on my time were high – so being able to achieve licensure through a combination of observations and portfolio work made sense to me.”

Time is often a deciding factor in choosing an alternative route to licensure, either because teachers do not have the length of time required to complete the more traditional route before their preliminary license runs out – or because they are teaching full-time and leading busy lives. For those dedicated to achieving their license in a concentrated time-frame, the alternative route offers a suitable option, with the pace of completion dictated by the individual teacher but possible within 4 to 6 months. For experienced teachers, supervisors, and directors of programs, this can deliver some unexpected benefits:

“As the Director of Physical Education and Athletics in the private school where I was teaching, I spent a lot of time observing and evaluating other teachers. So I really welcomed the classroom observations, and being evaluated by my Instructional Consultant. It helped me become a better teacher and more than that – it’s helped me become a better supervisor.”

No less rigorous in its approach, the alternative route also allowed Steven some welcome flexibility and Class Measures ensured he was provided with tailored support.

“It took me 2 years to complete the PRPIL program – mainly due to the fact I had a child a year after enrolment. The team at Class Measures was really supportive throughout, giving me time off as required and pushing me when I needed them to. I had worked alongside my Mentor previously, and knew him to be a strong and thorough PE instructor whom I learned a lot from. I also developed a close working relationship with my Instructional Consultant, and have stayed in touch since achieving my initial licensure.”

For the purposes of the PRPIL program, a Mentor* is a fellow educator chosen by the participating teacher during the application process. The Mentor works in conjunction with an Instructional Consultant – an experienced educator who is recruited and trained by Class Measures as the teacher’s primary resource for guidance during the program. Like many teachers who choose the PRPIL route, Steven has nothing but praise for his Instructional Consultant, 

“He is such a good guy, with a wealth of knowledge… diligent, thorough, organised and patient. I cannot speak highly enough of my Instructional Consultant.  Anyone who gets to work with him in the future is incredibly fortunate.”

*Mentors receive 20 professional development points (PDPs) when their Mentee successfully completes the program.

Steven goes on to say, 

I found this program to be very intimate – far more so than the other routes to licensure where you have one teacher to a large number of students. With PRPIL, the one on one mentoring and guidance I received was strictly about my practice, and how I could become a better teacher. I have and I would recommend Class Measures as a way to get your license, particularly if you value your time and prefer a personal method of teaching. What you get for your money with Class Measures is worth way more than anything you could get at grad school.”

So if your time is precious and you want to spend it wisely, developing your teaching practice through one-on-one, personalised guidance, apply for PRPIL with Class Measures. And it won’t just be your time you save: PRPIL program cost and payment options.



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