Plan for school improvement - impact through proven approaches

Posted by Class Measures

Increase the capacity of your organization to deliver school improvement and equity in your school. Our proven school improvement strategies harness the potential of leaders, managers, and all instructional staff to deliver sustainable school improvement success.

As part of your school improvement plan, you may need to address a specific need in your school observation and feedback cycle; your school leaders may have highlighted development requirements; or it may be a more holistic approach required to turn around school performance and deliver equity in education.


When planning for school improvement, however specific or expansive your needs, our carefully chosen experts will help drive equitable and sustainable improvement through your organization.

When you engage with Class Measures, you can be assured that our work will always draw upon internationally proven best practice as well as innovative approaches that are underpinned by our extensive local, national and international experience.

Find out more in the Class Measures School Improvement Brochure.

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