Looking for Learning - an evidence-rich, low stakes approach to class observation

Posted by Class Measures

Watch presenter Amber Leage demonstrate how to learn and practice a new approach to observation with a focus on students - those that learn best and those that could be learning better.

Develop an “eye” for quality learning and how to talk about students’ thinking, meaningful struggle, cultural wealth, and moments of breakthrough that occur as part of the everyday work of teaching and learning. You will also be trained through the video on how to provide feedback that invites collaboration and continuous peer learning. 

  • Synthesize the benefits of Effective Learning Observation and apply these to your own school and experience.
  • Identify the structures in place within the school that support and leverage Effective Learning Observation then apply those to your own experience.
  • Identify the next steps and supports needed to implement Effective Learning Observation in your school.

About the presenter:

Amber Leage is an educational consultant providing strategic planning, program development, and reporting services to schools throughout the United States and abroad. She has been an educator for over 20 years. Her evaluation work includes evidence-based quality reviews, equity reviews and accreditation for k-12 schools and universities.




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